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The Law firm congregates qualified professionals in  civil and labor Law, working at the national level. Our operation in civil law is related to several branches of Law, such as contractual and non-contractual relationships, rights in rem, business Law, tort Law, family Law in general, consumer Law, among others.

Our operative methods  stand out due to the continuous  interaction with  clients, offering services aimed at a  prompt resolution of legal disputes, identifying the risks and implications arising from the factual situation. Our services are provided within extrajudicial and litigation scopes.

Besides that, we maintain   partnerships with several Law firms in Brazil and abroad, in order to serve  clients within the remaining fields of Law, specially Tax Law, Administrative Law, Criminal Law (Economic Offenses), Environmental  Law, Intellectual Property and Corporate Law.



Law firm address:

Rua Vinte e Quatro de Outubro, 1435 | CEP 90510-003
Porto Alegre | Rio Grande do Sul | Brazil


Telephone: + 55 51 30799700
Fax: + 55 51 30799701

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